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First film: 2017
Second film: 2018
Third film: 2019
Dai Sato returns to write. Kenichi Yoshida returns to draw. HARDFLOOR (the musician's who wrote songs entitled " Acperience" which Eureka Seven titled several episodes after) will be creating music for the films. Supposedly a new ending to the series will be animated according to website. Not sure if they mean 100% new or if that means it'll animate the endings from alternate adapations (novels, manga, New Order).
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Paradress/Skirt/Clothing Story giveaway (August)
Well, the time has come. You read the title right, ladies and gentlemen. I shall do a free story request for one lucky person. Whoever wins gets to request a parachute dress story of any character(s) they want, subject to the conditions below.
Before that though, I'd like to reiterate something I have said before. For the time being, please don't send me your suggestions or requests as they will be ignored. I've said before that I want to write my own stories first, and I still have a good few ideas I want to write about first. I'm using this as an opportunity to improve my adaptivity, so that when I'm writing for others, I'll feel more confident in my writing.
Now what are the rules and conditions of this giveaway, you may ask. Well let me list them out.
I will write about parachute dresses, skirts, any kind of clothing that can be used as a parachute. I will do any number of characters, male or female. Stories will be strictly PG-13 at most, so you know what not to ask for.In
:iconzr3zzad:Zr3zzad 3 8
A Certain Scientific Railgun Parachute Skirt Story
Uiharu stood alone in the schoolyard, curiously wondering what was taking her friend so long. School had ended, but there were still a few students hanging around the complex, laughing and gossiping with each other.
“Geez, where could Saten be? Her meeting should have ended ten minutes ago. I guess I should start heading home then.” She thought to herself.
The familiar greeting shook Uiharu to her core, even more so because she was in public when she felt the wind creep higher up her legs than usual. She knew it wasn’t the wind’s fault.
“Hmmm, interesting choice. Pink with purple polka-dots today. I’m surprised you even own this.” Saten stunned her best friend by lifting her skirt as hard and as high as she could. The fabric dropped slowly back to its natural state, but that meant nothing to Uiharu.
:iconzr3zzad:Zr3zzad 5 0
EEK!  A smiling trail maid has a Marilyn Moment! by parachutedresses EEK! A smiling trail maid has a Marilyn Moment! :iconparachutedresses:parachutedresses 28 2 Dom by colormymemory Dom :iconcolormymemory:colormymemory 10 0 Cardcaptor Date by colormymemory Cardcaptor Date :iconcolormymemory:colormymemory 14 3



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I finally managed to finish my next parachute dress story, which you can view on my gallery now. Hope you all enjoy.

I have one more story idea to write in the future, and then I am taking a long break from the concept. It's not that I don't like parachute dresses, but I want to stay focused on my other, more serious work as well as job-hunting. I am actually in the middle of drafting a new historical novel, and helping a friend with her writing.

I would greatly appreciate it if people refrained from constantly sending me messages about when I am going to write the next story, or sending me requests. Writing is not easy and can take a long time without inspiration. Repeatedly pestering me for updates does not speed the writing process along.

Thank you for your understanding.
Just managed to post the Princess Peach parachute dress story for everyone to enjoy! Be sure to take a look at it. Also, I recently finished my historical novel series, and man it feels like a giant weight lifted off of me. While I will listen to suggestions from other people for future parachute dress stories, it's not a guarantee that I will do them. Right now I am focusing on some original work to do, as well as get my historical novel series published. I will keep doing paradress stories, but they are not my priority right now.
I am taking a small break from paradress stories to work on other fiction stories. Namely, I want to finish a historical novel series I have been working on for several years; currently on the last book, and I am determined to finish it. So please, if you have any suggestions for paradress stories or requests, kindly save them until such a time that I can address them without being distracted.
I finally finished graduate school. For good, this time. I technically don't have to turn in my final exam until this friday, but fuck it. I might as well be done. And you better believe I'm going back to writing. After a long time away from it, I've missed it.
Yes, I know I have not been active for a long time. That is because I am in my last semester of university, and I am focused on that for the time being. Again, people need to stop messaging me over and over with when I'm going to write the next story. I'll do it when I have time. When it's done, everyone will see it.


historyman101 has started a donation pool!
30 / 500
If you have any spare points to toss my way, I'd appreciate it. Paying for commissions with points is easier for me to do as it helps me save money. Even if it is just one point, it helps me a lot.

Thanks in advance to any donors.

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